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TEMPER EVIDENT SECURITY LABELS A type of security labels are made using a frangible face material and a permanent adhesive. If someone attempts to remove or tamper with the label in any way, the face material will fragment into tiny pieces; this means only small fragments of the label can be removed, which makes it extremely difficult to remove the label in its entirety. It is also impossible to reapply the label and the damage done to the face material serves as an indicator that an item has been tampered with. Tamper evident labels improve the security of an item by indicating if someone has attempted to steal or damage an item, by forming a seal that will indicate if someone has attempted to open an item without permission, and by acting as a visual deterrent.

An older term for this kind of label is a tamper proof label, while it is sometimes used today, tamper evident is the preferred term owing to the difficulty of making labels that are 100% tamper proof. At Punjab Printing  we supply a range of Tamper Evident Vinyl Labels, which are made with an extremely fragile cast vinyl and a strong permanent adhesive to ensure that these labels fragment as soon as any attempt is made to remove them.

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